Winter trends Calce

Winter trends Calce

This season in Calce we have taken a risky leap in the collection autumn / winter 2019, betting on a very aesthetic focused on fashion and design, alpine aesthetics, sports activities such as hiking, or camouflage prints are guidelines and inspiration that have marked our collection of shoes and boots this winter.

In our models we can see mountaineering accessories reinterpreted that give an image to our designs of utilitarian and contemporary contributing and adding style to any look, the model Franz Brown has been the most successful of this season, manufactured in different leathers and with a light sole.


The mixture of leather and textile has been another variant that we introduced in this model, with which we got a hybrid boot that represented us in our image of the last edition of Micam.

Our intention to unite fashion, design, quality and craftsmanship has worked successfully this season, and the fact of approaching fashion and current trends has not caused us to move away from an entirely Spanish manufacture with a handmade process.

A collection where the classics and braids have been reinterpreted to “update” the Calce man giving him an elegant but not so formal touch, most of the collection has been focused on a Casual style. The Calce man is interested in buying quality and modern shoes and it is he himself who makes them timeless classics in his wardrobe.


Another of the variants we have launched this year is the sneaker/boot, more and more followers of this type of footwear, which allows you to create fun and very versatile looks. For the more daring, we’ve created daring prints, combinations of leathers and hand-dyed colours that have created very special models that have been marketed all over the world.

Our purpose for the following 2019 collections is to continue betting on the highest quality, craftsmanship, Design and Fashion …

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