Calce 2018 the sneakers You Should be Wearing

Calce 2018 the sneakers You Should be Wearing

For several seasons Sneakers have crept into our clothing and have come to stay, comfort and versatility that offer you to dress are two of the reasons why more than half of the male population (more than 80% of Spaniards) has adapted them in their casual looks, even the most daring ones combine them in more formal events. This season we recognize that the best male outfits seen on social networks have been achieved thanks to good sneakers.

After the revolution of the shoes in our style wear comes the time to choose among those that will be trend and will help you to make your style personal and unique. This idea is based on each of the models we have created in Calce this season, hand-dyed leather with different combinations, extralight soles with different sizes … all designed so that you can choose the sneaker that goes with your style.

Next we are going to highlight the shoes that you will see everywhere and that have in addition to the design the Calce manufacturing guarantee, where the quality of the materials and their manufacture by hand are still their main flagship.


As you see the Sneakers in this season 2018 are protagonists in Calce, all our manufacture is made by hand, just as our skins are hand painted by our specialized workers.

If you still do not have them, write them down for your wardrobe this summer, greetings!