At Calce, tradition intertwines with innovation since 1959. We are much more than a family-owned footwear manufacturing company; we are passionate artisans who embrace change with enthusiasm. Throughout generations, we have turned challenges into opportunities, allowing our company to flourish and evolve. At Calce, each shoe tells a story of adaptation, growth, and craftsmanship excellence.


Our commitment to excellence is infused into every step of our manufacturing process. From the meticulous selection of the most exquisite leathers to the expert skill of our artisans, every shoe we create is imbued with this concept. We strive to merge traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation to provide you with products of the highest quality and unparalleled style.


At Calce, we merge quality and comfort to create shoes that exceed expectations. Our promise is simple: each pair is a perfect combination of flexibility, comfort, strength, and durability.


Our collection models, from elegant dress shoes to casual sneakers, undergo constant reinvention season after season. Creativity is manifested in every small detail, giving rise to new sleek and contemporary lines. In our design process, innovation and elegance intertwine to offer you a unique fashion experience.

“En la actualidad apostamos por los nuevos canales de comunicación  web 2.0 y redes sociales para conseguir el  diálogo con nuestros clientes , que junto a  nuestra capacidad de  flexibilidad nos ha permitido nuevos desafíos y oportunidades”. Juan y Gerardo Lacarcel

“Estoy satisfecho de que mis hijos sigan apostando por  la Artesanía y Calidad en la fabricación para así ofrecerles productos de primera clase”. Juan Lacarcel González