The basic shoes for this spring 2017: Sneakers

The basic shoes for this spring 2017: Sneakers

The sneakers have become a must have in the men’s closet this spring 2017, the trick is to buy some that are versatile and that you can easily combine and adapt to your style.

Many of you have decided for a more relaxed look to go to work and adopt this type of footwear as the best option. The rules of dress have been relaxed in recent years and come within the correction in many jobs. In Calce we bet for a perfect combination of sneakers with docker pants, denim, straight pants or narrow ankle. And we recommend that you reserve for the option of the suit and events of label some beautiful shoes of dress.

Models like Mercury Brown or Jagger Blue are some of our bets for this spring 2017. Our sneakers are manufactured with the care and quality that so many years dedicated to the handmade footwear sector guarantee us and with the best skins and materials selected by our experts. Painted by hand and with extraligths soles, Calce sneakers allow you to achieve a stylish and current look that has a man who appreciates the details.

This is the weekly recommendation for you to get the perfect wardrobe fund for this spring 2017, because of course if there is a worldwide trend when it comes to shoes are sneakers.

You can see all our models available here Sneakers Calce.