Basic shoes for this spring 2017

Basic shoes for this spring 2017

This spring we are proving that shoes are the star accessory of all men looks. The trend of the low pants “rolled up” to the ankle puts the spotlight on the shoes you wear.

We are going to give you the key keys to having a perfect shoe closet background so you can build “looks of ten” this season.

Since we are in full spring and time leads us to think about the outdoors, informal meetings, stay with friends and even if we can, relax a bit in the office, let’s start talking about the classic style “casual shoes “.

If temperature forces us to change our style of clothing for a lighter and more breathable we do the same with our shoes. For this the perfect perfect model of footwear is the moccasin.

The range of styles of these shoes is very wide depending on the design, moccasin with band, with tassels, smooth shovel, with fringes … Today we bring you our CLIFT model in tone Bordeaux.

It is a real handmade kangaroo leather moccasin, the lining is also leather and the floor sole. Generally moccasins with firm floor usually have a more formal touch than those of flexible sole. The bordeaux shade of this moccasin is perfect to combine with our neutral pants, beige, white and even denim getting our clothes stitch points thanks to quality shoes.

These moccasins combine the three characteristics that have to have any shoe that is going to become your closet bottom, Quality, style and Comfort. Now you can start creating your own with the model Clift

“Every road begins with the first step”

Other moccasins options to match your personality. CLÁSICCS