Quality casual wear on your feet. Calce Autumn 2017

Quality casual wear on your feet. Calce Autumn 2017


Everyone who loves footwear knows that there is no complete winter without quality boots. The inclemencies of the winter season cause us to be demanding when dressing our feet during these months.



A skin of quality that isolates us from the cold and a form that allows us to go comfortable are essential for our day to day. To these ideas we can add that the boots continue being trend in masculine fashion, and each time we began to use them before. The brown or black tones become a wardrobe background combinable with any outfit.

Our bet for a classic man but that follows the trends in men’s fashion is this booty in brown leather hand painted. the light eva sole ensures that the weight of these boots is as light as possible.

As an alternative to the boots we have created from the same line a blucher perfect for men who like to dress well and uniquely during their workday, perfectly combinable with some classic garment and get a look “casual friday” .

This model of Blucher can become one of your “appetizing” for this winter. The rugged and flexible texture of the skin, a good stitching and that discreet touch in the contrast of blue and brown colors may be all the reasons you need to choose these blucher as inseparable companions this season.

“We bet for the quality”